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  "Great app, very easy to use and understand. I've used it for several different things. Sending HTML pages, standard emails, and others. Currently, the CRM application that we developed in ASP.NET sends .asf formatted call recordings dynamically from the system by attaching to an email. I am especially excited about direct writing into the MS SMTP directory as some of these files get quite large. "

The box is not shipped.

aspNetMX is a
downloadable product.

aspNetMX & Validation and More (VAM)

Live email validation has never been easier. With the combination of VAM and aspNetMX, you can STOP bad email addresses before they get in your database. Using the simple declarative control techniques of ASP.NET, simply drop the VAM control on your webform, and let VAM and aspNetMX do the rest.

Although aspNetMX and VAM are separate entities (neither control is required to by the other control), it's the combination and expertise of email validation provided by aspNetMX, and the validation expertise of VAM makes the combination a winning solution.

Don't believe it? Check out the demo below:

Enter an Email Address to validate:

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The source code for this demo can be downloaded here.

To use this demo, you will need to download the aspNetMX dll from www.aspNetMX.com/download.aspx along with the VAM component from http://www.peterblum.com/DownloadNow.aspx?ProductId=44