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aspNetMX is a
downloadable product.
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Getting Started

To use aspNetMX, you will need to download and run the aspNetMX.dll available from Advanced Intellect Downloads.

Extracting the Zipped Archive
aspNetMX is packaged as a compressed (zipped) archive. Once you unpack the archive, you will have access to the aspNetMX.dll library. Included in the archive are various other support files that you may optionally use.

Using in VS.NET
Once you have unpacked the aspNetMX archive, you simply need to import it into your VS.NET project, and set a reference to your imported copy. You can do this by:

a)Either dragging the aspNetMX.dll from windows explorer to your VS.NET project or else by selecting the File | Add Existing Item menu command.

b)Once you have the aspNetMX.dll added to your project, simply set a reference to the imported copy.

c)That's it! You successfully added aspNetMX to your project. You are now able to start using it.


Here are some simple examples for using aspNetMX

[ C# ]


using aspNetMX; 

MXValidate mx = new MXValidate();
//log the session
mx.LogInMemory = true;

//set the email address
string EmailAddress = "test@hotmail.com";
MXValidateLevel level = mx.Validate( EmailAddress , MXValidateLevel.Mailbox );
if(  level == MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)
	Response.Write( "Valid Email Address");
	Response.Write( "Not Valid Email Address");
Response.Write( "Here is the session log");
Response.Write( mx.GetLog() );

[ Visual Basic ]

Imports aspNetMX
Dim mx As MXValidate = New MXValidate()

'log the session
mx.LogInMemory = True

'set the email address
Dim EmailAddress As String = "test@hotmail.com"

Dim level As MXValidateLevel = mx.Validate(EmailAddress, MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)

If level = MXValidateLevel.Mailbox Then
	Response.Write("Valid Email Address")
	Response.Write("Not Valid Email Address")
End If
Response.Write("Here is the session log")